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Parish Quarterly Magazine (June 2021 to August 2021) - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


Message From the Vicar

Dear Beloved in Christ,

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes: Acts 1:8.

It is with great joy and happiness, I am communicating with you to bring best wishes and blessings upon you all, as we begin the second half of this year. It is also blessed to begin the month of June with the solemnity of the holy Pentecost. We passed the holy birth of the church on the day of Pentecost, as well as the other major festivals in preparation of welcoming the birth of the renewed Christian community, where our values and commitments are based on the Love of Christ our Lord. I believe, from the beginning of our journey of faith, the function and the nature of the Holy Spirit has led to lengthy discussions and divisions in the church where to-date ,we struggle to understand.

If we define it in very simple terms, the Pentecost means completion of 50 days after the resurrection of Our Lord. What Our Lord promised to send after his Ascension was fulfilled on this day. Friends, does it means that the third person of the Holy Trinity was not there before the incident in the upper room? No he was there, but wasn’t recognised the way it should be, the Pentecost was held at the festival of Tent which is also a Jewish festival. Jesus breathed his spirit upon his disciples to receive the Holy Spirit the "Paraclete". He, even before his crucifixion foretold that the "advocate" will come after him. The Holy Spirit cannot come if Lord Jesus did not ascend to heaven. It is undoubted, the presence of the Holy Spirit was there from the beginning, and he was part of the creation process. He understood the spirit, strength, the air we breathe, in the wisdom literature, the book of proverbs, it was seen as

God's wisdom. Even in the upper room the disciples visualized the character of Advocate as the purifier. In the letters by Saint Paul it illustrates the qualities and values of the spirit, specially in 1 Corinthians12,: 1- 11 , that it is close to our own lives and communities.

The teaching of the early church Priests and the Nicene creed, helps us to understand the profound picture regarding the nature and the work of the spirit, which isthe strength of the church later days, and of today, that goes beyond our understanding even in the midst of uncertainties, the problems and issues that we are facing in our own lives. As Jesus instructed his disciples, we must not forget that through the spirit we can receive God’s Peace and all understandings where nobody else can reveal to us this understanding. We must give a prominent place during our time of our worship and in our work for the Holy Spirit to lead us. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the source of power who can lead us to the complete truth, and completion of our tasks that given by the heavenly father.

My dear believers, as members of the Christian community in Kandy, in what way or how are we going to proclaim the Good news without knowing the Characteristics of the Holy Spirit? Since he is the very source of our honest prayer, on what basis do we think that our prayers are going to be fruitful? It is with continuous prayer, reflection and attentiveness to the voice of the spirit through the word of God that we can achieve our connection to the father in heaven. Even to achieve life goals, healing, blessings, and all the other needs. As St Paul reminds us God blessed us with every good thing, very specially, our skills, our talents, knowledge, capacity to work hard, our passion to work for the Kingdom of God, including all the resources. We must not forget that God blessed us

knowledge, capacity to work hard, our passion to work for the Kingdom of God, including all the resources. We must not forget that God blessed us immensely, and called us to share everything with our brothers and sisters. So let us be mindful that we all suffer one way or another. While the pandemic affects our social fabric, it is our solemn duty to support the poor and the needy. So let us extend a hand towards the nurturing ministry of the church. "Pentecost" experience was not only an historical event, but it is a continuous process and experience in our journey of faith. Every Christian and every Christian organisation is called to go through the same experience as the apostles did. God invited all of us to go through the Upper room experience at least once in a life time, so we can renew ourselves and propagate the gospel of Jesus the lord. Through that experience we recognize our inner strength, God's power over us and the seriousness of our calling. So let us search for the God given inner qualities as St.Paul illustrated in his second letter to Corinthians. May God continue to strengthen you all in his spirit.

May the Feast of Pentecost be in your life experience

Ven George Melder.

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June 2021 to August 2021