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Parish Quarterly Magazine (June 2022 to August 2022) - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


Message From the Curate

After the Parish Annual General Meeting, we are entering into a fresh time of our ordinary schedule. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is leading us with our mission and with our new commitments to serve the Kingdom of God as servants of the Lord. The coming of the Holy Spirit on the Pentecostal day gives us hints of the continuous strengthening of our given tasks and the vacuums will be filled by the Holy Spirit in order to carry out his ministry in our area. When we think about the coming of the “Holy Spirit” we should not come to the conclusion by thinking that before his arrival on that day the Holy Spirit was not there. As a church and the community of faith, we believe what the book of Acts says but in general the Holy Spirit was there as "Ruawaleh" meaning wind/Breath/strength of a human body and also Spirit of God.

Gen- 2; 7 / Gen- 1; 16’/ Proverbs 7; 8 & 8;-10 “OHM”

When we read Proverbs 2; 6 the new testament Holy Spirit described as a dove, Holy Fire "newma" in Greek, it is "God's Spirit, Spirit of Jesus and breath", in the book of Acts, it is again a fire came from heaven, can clean, renew and reenergize ourselves all kinds of healing power miracle power which came from our Lord, is recognized in the Holy Spirit. The spirit came after 50 days of Jesus’s resurrection. Therefore the completion of 50 days and birthday of the New Christian Community is important, reasons of the Pentecostal day.

("John 20; 22 First time Jesus practically pronounce on the holy spirit- Acts 1;8 the Holy Spirit empower us")

Acts 2; "Pneuma" Spirit. The spirit will teach us, empower us. He will guide us with the knowledge of God.

Friends, believers, we need to move ahead with the Holy Spirit, not because we fear the current challenges or incapable but we will be strengthened by the wisdom of God so that the mission can be carried out without fail.

As a countrymen and a nation in a failed state we are called to look back at our failures and regain our strength and courage to build our country. We are thankful to the Youth who are struggling for justice, peace, unity and prosperity in our country. We must also call all those who used Violence in order to suppress the values of people. We invite the officials of the Law and order not to use violence against unarmed and innocent civilians, rather work for justice, equality, good governance.

It is true the cost of living of the necessary food and other items are sky rocketing, the fuel prices of all other most needed items are increasing every day. People are starving, losing their jobs; small and medium businesses are collapsing. There are many who are disappointed due to lack of medical treatments,due to shortages. We really do not know how many are abandoned due to financial assistance, elderly, differently abled and communities of racism mental and physical difficulties cannot be ignored. So let us not forget all those who need our prayers,love,generosity and helping hands. We all are called to serve each other and care each other as a true witnessing community so that God’s name be glorified.

I would like to see our young generation and middle aged group strive to do some work in the society with the people who are fighting for justice, peace and good governance. They can creatively invite Youth to pray learn the scripture, share their thoughts on their mother land, their responsibilities and contribution to the Kingdom of Lord. Even though we tried our best to come together on several occasions it is the Holy Spirit brings us with utmost commitment for God’s kingdom, let us not give up your hopes regarding Youth fellowship and its work this year.

The strength of a priest always depends on unity of a parish. I would rather like to see all the committees, institutions, organizers of our parish working hard for the mission although we have various reasons to abandon our work. We must be mindful that the time of uncertainty is given to us to sustain more and more and to believe that our God is taking care of us.

So therefore as St. Paul has written to Philippians let us not stop our work rather continue to work hard with the given tasks before us.

May I also remember some work we have done during the recent past as part of our mission;

● Our curate Rev. Sanath and myself were able to visit some parishioners and it was not continued due to restrictions by the rule of Law.

We also started to deliver the Holy Communion to the individual places and it will be continuously follow throughout the year.

● We were able to start the Sinhala service once again and hope that will help our Sinhala speaking crowd to worship in the vernacular.

● The handing over of K.I.I. is almost done and we are in the final stage of work.

● We have been able to reconstruct the Vicarage Annex, believing that our Diocesan Office may be shifted. I hope that the newly appointed Trustees will continue the instructions further.

● The proposed building project of 156 and 154 land at D.S. Senanayake Veediya needs productive assessment before we implement any work.

● We were able to sell our church van finally with much struggle.

● The church Organ has been properly maintained, after a visit by Mr. Hameendra from Moratuwa, last April.

● We are in a discussion of re-structuring our R & R and it needs special attention for the Christian Social work wing.

● There were and are near methods of Teaching bible and the learning process began a few weeks ago.We thank all those who inculcate these spiritual exercises.

We are sad to inform you that many of our sincere parishioners were called to rest by the heavenly father ; - Mr. Keerthi Bharathie, Mr. Lionel Perera, Dr. Jeyaseelan, Mrs. Dorothy Goonewardena, Mr. Christopher Worthington and Dr. Lakmini Illangasinghe. They all gave their utmost to the parish in different capacities and we pray for their loved ones.

● The Annual General meeting of the parish was held on the 24th of April, 2022 and chosen a new group of Trustees and we pray that they will take their responsibilities as soon as possible.

● We too welcome Rev. Rasika Abeysinghe to our Church as a Curate, and with Bro. Miranga and his wife, we share our best wishes for their new stations and ministry as they depart to the Diocese Brother Miranga came from. We extend our support and solidarity with Bro. Miranga who was truly helpful to our Mission work.

Finally let us work hard for the common good and the extension of the Kingdom of God with great Love care, where innocent people are waiting to receive from our mission St Paul’s Kandy. May the Lord continue to bless our family and its mission Thank you

Ven. George Melder

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