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Monthly message…… - St. Paul's Church, Kandy


From the Vicar’s desk………………

Dear Friends in Christ,

We enter into a month, which prepares us for another important festival and celebration of Christians– Pentecost, also called the festival of the Spirit. The feast of Pentecost brings the season of Easter to a glorious close that calls and allows us to cry a final full – hearted “Alleluia!”for all the Spirit has accomplished in us as a church and will continue to do. We as Christians celebrate Pentecost in memory of the outpouring of the Spirit and the launch of the Church’s mission to spread the good news to the world.

Luke the Evangelist, in his historical account says, that the Spirit was bestowed fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus. As a congregation, built on Catholic faith, we know that we are celebrating the entire seven weeks of Easter in the Spirit; but as there are many who find difficult to understand the word Spirit in the Bible, let’s see what Paul the Apostle – the great Theologian, and Luke the Evangelist – the Gospel writer tell about the work of the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit.

St. Paul our patron says, that the greatest sign to prove that a person is filled with the Holy Spirit is to proclaim Jesus as the Lord (1 Cor 12:3). From the Gospel of Luke (Chap 1:2) we understand that the essential work of the Holy Spirit is transforming eyewitnesses into ministers of the word.

As we step into a new month to read, contemplate and talk more about the Spirit, let us not forget to fill our lives with the spirit to proclaim Jesus as the Lord, and become the ministers of the word. May the transforming Spirit of God transform our thoughts, words and deeds proclaim Jesus as the Lord and to become ministers of the Word to Glorify the Lord. Amen

Shelton Daniel


by National Christian Council of Sri Lanka

Dearly beloved in Christ,

We have celebrated another Christmas, the incarnation of God in Christ, who took the human form, sacrificed himself to death on the cross and rose again, defeating the powers of death and destruction. He came so that all may have life, life in its fullness and life eternal. God in Christ throughout history has always displayed his unending concern for every human being, ensuring human dignity and affirming life for all.

The festivities of Christmas will soon fade away and the Presidential election is around the corner. The coming days could be characterized by violence, resulting in death, injury and destruction to property, campaigns and counter campaigns, arguments and counter arguments which could lead to unnecessary mudslinging, arrogance and display of brutal force.

We as Christians need to affirm that elections are an important mechanism in ensuring the participation of the people in the democratic arena, and is the duty and responsibility of every one to prayerfully exercise his franchise. It is the duty of every citizen to discern the signs of the time and cast his vote carefully, cautiously and with a sense of responsibility. No one should refrain from doing so. Hence we call upon everyone to vote on the election day.

Secondly, when making our choice, we need to be influenced by the values of our Gospel. Our choice has to be one that affirms the fullness of life to everyone, where every human being is respected, dignity ensured, and security assured. We should not be carried away by our individual interests, or groupish/clannish attitudes, but look to the welfare of every ordinary citizen in our country.

Thirdly, we need to always condemn all forms of violence and intimidation. Everyone must be free to make her/his choice. This is possible only if everyone has the views of all contenders. Therefore, the campaign must be fair and afford equal opportunity to all.

While urging to uphold the above, we would also like to remind our churches to be vigilant in your area of any violence or intimidation, which should be brought to the notice of the authorities concerned immediately. This is part of our Christian discipleship and obligation.

We urge all our congregations to pray for a peaceful election where democratic principles are upheld and pray for God’s guidance and blessing on whoever is elected so that our beloved country can experience justice, peace and fullness of life to all.

Signed by:

  • Rt. Rev. D.R. Canagasabey – Chairperson of the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka and Bishop of Colombo, Church of Ceylon. Diocese of Colombo.
  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Thiagarajah, Bishop of Jaffna Diocese, Church of South India
  • Rt. Rev. Shantha Francis, Bishop of Kurunegala, Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Kurunegala
  • Rev. Dr. A.W. Jebanesan, President, Methodist Church of Sri Lanka
  • Rev. Priyantha Wijegoonawardene, President, Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya
  • Rev. Stanley Nelson, President, Christian Reformed Church
  • Rev. K. Piyadasa, President, Presbytery of Lanka
  • Commissioner Malcolm Induruwage, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army
  • Rev. G. Nadarajah, President, Lanka Lutheran Church
  • Rev. W.P. Ebenezer Joseph, General Secretary, National Christian Council of Sri Lanka

27th December 2014